The Big Bottle Six Pack

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A bottle pack of all our current bottles:

Cunard Pét-Nat:

Is a blend of bitter-sweets and bitter-sharps from one of Nova Scotia’s few cider variety orchards in company with imported Harry Masters Jersey and Tremlett’s Bitter juice from Somerset, UK. Treated to a long, cool ferment and bottled at peak complexity, this limited edition cider is abundant with ripe orchard fruit, gentle minerality and bountiful tannins.
750ml, 6.4%ABv

Back Yard Project:

This cider brings together our community to create something unique. Apple donations from back yard orchards contributed to this wild fermentation that encapsulates our province’s diverse orchard terroir. Enjoy ripe orchard fruit followed by a crisp dry finish and lingering herbaceous, earthy notes. ABV 6.0%.  750ml
Six months in Hungarian and Bulgarian oak gives fruity and dynamic fOaklore a light coffee and caramel nose. The palate delivers a generous body, dry with bright notes of melon and summer fruit with a zesty lime finish—courtesy of Golden Russet, Ribston Pippin and Gravenstein apples. 8%ABV, 750ml bottle


Iceolation is a sweet lightly carbonated ice cider, crafted from Golden Russets. It is the perfect companion for staying the blazes home. Richly textured with a hint of apricot on the nose and a honey, stone fruit palate. It’s sharp- sweet balance frames and lengthy finish.  ABV 10.0%, 750ml bottle.


Dabinett is made with a special batch of apples that were grown and pressed in the UK and the juice was shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to be made into cider here in Halifax. Dabinett is made with Dabinett Apples, grown at the Colcombe House Estate where Colcumb House Ciders are made.⁣ The bitersweet Dabinett is a traditional English cider apple (one of our cider maker Jay’s favourite cider apples in the world) and the result is a traditional English cider taste.⁣ Floral apple aromas starts the sensory experience, where the soft astringency is balanced by grippy tannins and pulled together by light carbonation.⁣ A thoroughly dry cider aged for six months.

ABV 6.40%, 750ml bottle.

2 x Pippin’s Glory:

Treated to a long cool ferment in steel and left unfiltered, Pippin’s Glory is a co ferment of Nova Scotian, Pippin heirloom apple duo, Cox’s Orange and Ribston Pippin. Two months of aging help draw out the bright flavours of peach, tangerine and lemon zest. Topical notes greet the end palate yielding to a clean dry and refreshing finish.

7.2% ABV, 375ml bottle

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