100% Nova Scotian, to the core.

Awesome, approachable, unique and traditional ciders made from 100% Nova Scotia apples – we NEVER, ever, ever use concentrate. We source our apples from small and large apple producers in the Annapolis Valley who deliver juice to us periodically throughout the year. Our cidermaker is freshly inspired by each batch of juice so we’ll always have seasonal products along with our core ciders.

ON TAP | Available in our taproom in pints, flights, growlers and cans.

FOUNDATION | Off dry, blend of Northern Spy, Jonagold, Macs

An easy drinking cider with tropical notes, finishes clean with a hint of apple. Light to medium tannins.  ABV 6.3%. SOLD at select NSLC’s, Bishops Cellar and on tap at select restaurants in NS. Available in pints, flights, growlers and cans in our taproom.

hopped up | dry, 100% Northern Spy

This cider is complex, easy drinking and refreshing. The use of Cascade and Centennial hops give a floral aroma and bright citrus character resulting in a well balanced dry cider. ABV 6%. SOLD at Bishops Cellar and on tap at select restaurants in NS. Available in pints, flights, growlers and cans in our taproom.

INTREPID | dry, 100% Northern Spy

Slow fermented into a bright, crisp cider with a touch of sweetness and a down to earth balance resulting in a robust, traditional-style cider. ABV 6%. SOLD at Bishops Cellar and on tap at select restaurants in NS. Available in pints, flights, growlers and cans in our taproom.

Pippin Russet | sweet, Cox Orange Pippin and Golden Russet apples

Five months in the making, this easy drinking cider has light summer fruit on mid palate and finishes clean with notes of melon and sharp apple. There is a big perceived sweetness on this cider, strong aromatics and sweet fruit but only 10g/litre of sugar. ABV 7.1%. SOLD in our retail store as part of The Vault Series.

Pippin | dry, single variety Pippin Ribston apples

This is a single variety Ribston Pippin cider from our Vault Series, is five months in the making, dry and very fruity. Nothing has been added to this cider—zero sugar—and we’re super proud of this since it comes across as off dry. There is a sharp apple kick to the end palate with big fruit throughout: Pineapple, pear and crisp apple dominate the profile. ABV 9%. SOLD in our retail store as part of The Vault Series.

SNAKE BITE | Foundation Cider blend with Boxing Rock Hunky Dory Pale Ale

A collaboration with Boxing Rock, this cider-beer fusion is 50% Chain Yard Foundation Cider and 50% Hunky Dory Pale Ale. Bright, crisp and delicious. ABV 5.7%. SOLD in limited edition cans at The NSLC.

Country Rose | Rose-petal mead. 

Made with local honey from Brandt’s Bees and rose petals wine made with rose petals from Watershed Farms. Clean, easy drinking rosé-style mead with floral nose and citrus fruit across the mid palate with a refreshing, distant honey finish. ABV 7%. SOLD in 12 oz pints,  in our taproom.

sESSIONAL | Seasonal and rotating. Not currently available in our taproom

Bret-MUDA Triangle | Dry, oaked, triple ferment.

A strong dry cider, triple fermented and barrel aged in whiskey barrels and oaked. ABV 8.9%. 

SCOBY SNAX | Foundation Cider blend with Solas Kombucha, strawberry wine and mint


A collaboration with Solas Kombucha. A session style blend of wild ferment strawberry wine, mint from Watershed Farms . It’s blended with our foundation cider and later the kombucha. Low in sugar and unfiltered. ABV 4.5%.

Drunken Cherry | Foundation blend, Compass Distillers Rhumb, cherry wine, semi-sweet.

An earthy, deep fruit cider made with a homemade cherry wine matured with Compass Distillers’ Rhumb. The result of this process is something akin to drunken cherries in bourbon. It was then blended with our Foundation blend for rich and smooth drinking. ABV 9.4%.

Highway strobbery | Foundation blend, Strawberry wine.

Big big big strawberry aromas and flavour throughout, with a sharp but refreshing finish. Strawberry wine made with strawberries from Terra Beata Farms in Lunenburg. ABV 7.0%.

FUNK 141 | unfiltered with Brett.

Barrel fermented with Brettanomyces (Brett). Funky barnyard flavours with a background of summer fruit. ABV 6.5%.

CYSER SUNRISE | sweet, Macintosh, Jonagold and Northern Spys, strawberry wine.

This cyser is a sweet, traditional cyser made with foundation blend cider and strawberry wine. All the elements were fermented at four different stages. ABV 6%.

CHERRY FOREST | semi-sweet, double oaked Cox Orange, Golden Russet, Cherry cider.

Double oaked means that the first cider ferment was oaked in whisky barrels for three months, aged with fermenting quince and rhubarb juice with big oxygen contact. This blend was then added to our Cherry Wine and oaked again using French oak chips. The result is an unusually refreshing cider with elements of wood, distant chocolate, and cherries. ABV 7%.

GINXBERRY | Semi-sweet, Foundation, Cranberry, Barrelling Tides Gin

A wild ferment with Foundation base and cryo extracted Canadian cranberry juice and a kick of Barrelling Tides Gin. Clean opening palate with light summer fruit notes and a tangy cranberry finish. ABV 6.5%

Rhubee Cyser | Sweet, rhubarb wine, Northern Spy apples

A sweet blend of our own rhubarb wine made from Terra Beata Farms rhubarb juice with Northern Spy apples to make a sweet, delicious Cyser. Honey and floral notes on the front palate and earthy notes on the finish, a good viscous texture and a nice acidic brightness that round out the flavour. ABV 8%

space heater | Very dry, aged

Aged in whiskey oak barrels & matured with habanero peppers ABV 9.5%

Dark cider the moon | blend of two ferments

Off dry, earthy, made with Belle Saison yeast & blended with corn moonshine from Compass Distillery. ABV 7%

frost bite | Off-dry, blend

Northern Spy, Jona Gold and Mac blended with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. ABV 8%

MALO YALLO | Dry, oak aged

A slow malolactic ferment, aged four months in oak barrels. Notes of whiskey, caramel and French oak with light carbonation to finish. ABV 6.5%

SCOBY Doo | Kombucha cider, collaboration with Solas Kombucha

Kombucha ferment with light lavender on the nose. Notes of rhubarb, organic lemon and traditional kombucha flavours blended with our Foundation cider base. ABV 4.7%

HONEY PEAR | Semi-sweet. Mead and Perry blend.

Our first ever mead, made with organic honey from Brandt’s Bees and pear juice from the Annapolis Valley. Honey aromatics with mead on the front palate and pear on the finish. ABV 7.5%

Cherry 3.14 | Sweet. Baldwin apples and Nova Scotia cherries.

Completely wild, this sweet cider started with a wild ferment on Baldwin apples and a spontaneous ferment of Nova Scotia cherries. Big jammy character with natural notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. ABV 5.2%

ORANGE IS THE NEW WILD | Baldwin and Northern Spy apples, orange blossom

Wild fermented Baldwin and Northern Spy matured with orange blossom. Delicate and refreshingly floral but with the contrast of a big boozy punch. ABV 7.7%

THE FUZZ | Northern Spy and Jonagold apples, peach

Cryo-extracted peach juice fermented and blended with Jonagold and Northern Spy cider. Nitrogen injected during the charging process to create an opulent, silky mouthfeel. Bright and fruit forward with big peach on the end palate. ABV 6.2%

Wild Flower | Wild ferment of diverse apples, oak, blueberry wine

A diverse mix of apples from Noggin’s Farm put through a wild ferment and aged on French Oak chips. A wild fermented blueberry wine added post oak and matured with fresh lavender from Meander River Farm. Light berry flavours mingle with an earthy and toasty mid palate balanced by a floral finish. ABV 5.2%

Yard Berry | Sweet, Northern Spy apples, blueberries

Fermented blueberries and Northern Spy cider. This cider opens with immense fruit and finishes structured with a distinct velvety texture. ABV 6%.

LIMESTONE SESSIONAL | Semi-sweet. Foundation, peach, lime

Our Foundation with light peach and organic lime. Easy drinking, crisp and highly refreshing. ABV 4.8%

KINGS R’ WILD | King of Tompkin County and Golden Russet apples

King of Tompkin County apples and Golden Russets wild fermented at cold temperatures for a lengthy period. Elegant and exceptionally food friendly. This complex cider opens bright with lingering notes of tropical fruit and expressive notes of pineapple on the finish. ABV 7.2%

GINX | Foundation apple blend, Ironworks gin

Foundation cider matured with gin from Ironworks distillery. Big gin across the palate with a hint of lime to finish. High alcohol but sneakily refreshing. ABV 9.8%

Petal to the metal | Wild ferment, cherries, apples

A wild ferment blend of Cherries, Northern Spy and Jonagold apples. Matured with rose water and Iron Works gin. Floral and delicate yet refreshingly expressive. ABV 7.8%

SOAKED | Cox Orange Pippins, Golden Russet and Jonagold Apples

Cox Orange Pippins, Golden Russet and Jonagold apples make the base of this bold cider. Aged on French oak with a touch of brown sugar brings forth notes of caramel and vanilla ending in a long, clean finish. ABV 7.5%

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